How a street dog became a faithful and reliable assistant for a 100-year-old grandmother


One day a dog was found at the car wash. She tried to make friends with every person who passed by. No one knew whose she was and the employees of the institution decided to leave her.

For a while the dog lived at the sink, but one day he got lucky. He was spotted by one of the regular customers.

Moving to a new home

Upon learning that the dog was homeless, Marilyn took her in. The first and most important thing she did was take the dog to the vet. The doctor determined the sex of the dog and reported the age. She was a young and energetic girl, who was immediately given the nickname Sweetie.

Candy was brought to a new house, where she met all the inhabitants. Marilyn had another dog. But the three of them did not live long. They had to move.

Moving Candy

They moved in with Marilyn’s mother. Three dogs already lived there and we were very worried about how everyone would get along with each other.

But the worries were in vain. Candy has become an indispensable member of this large family, and especially for a 100-year-old mother. Candy became so attached to the elderly woman that she did not leave her constantly.

She very patiently walks beside her. Marilyn can only get around with a walker, and Candy always helps her pass and scare away all the animals so that they do not get in their way. Also, the dog always lies down at the feet of the woman when she stops.

Thus Sweetie becomes a soft pillow. In the event of a fall, the elderly lady will fall on the animal and soften the blow.

In such an interesting way, the dog has become an indispensable assistant for a pensioner.

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