The dog lost his best friend and was very sad, then the owners brought 4 homeless kittens to the house


Animals, like people, can really make friends. They become attached to a creature close in spirit, and greatly yearn when parting.

Flora is a large age dog of the Malamute breed. Flora’s owners adopted Dexter the cat from a shelter when he was already 20 years old. The cat and dog immediately became friends and spent all the time together. Both of them were already elderly, so most of the day they slept in a couch. As many as 2 happy years Dexter spent in a real family and passed away at the age of 22.

The loss of a friend was a real trauma for the dog, which no one expected. She was sad and refused to eat. The owners were very worried. I had to take 2 cats from the shelter, but they did not alleviate the dog’s pain from the loss of a friend.

Once, Flora’s owners decided to adopt a litter of 4 homeless kittens, which a stray cat gave birth to not far from their house.

The kittens were treated for parasites and brought home. When Flora saw them and sniffed them, her face lit up with a smile, everyone immediately noticed this.

Since then, the dog is no longer sad. The kittens perceived her as a big mother and are constantly drawn to her.

The owners calmed down, because now their beloved dog no longer yearns.

This cute family is so touching that it will put a smile on anyone’s face!

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