The cow ran away from the farm into the forest. Everyone believed that she had died, but almost a year later she was accidentally seen in a herd of wild deer


An amazing story happened in one farm. After the sudden death of the farmer, all his livestock began to be sold — some to other farms, and some for meat ..

A young cow named Bonnie, apparently, sensed the danger and, gaining a good moment, rushed to their heels.

There was a forest nearby and the cow hid in the thicket. She was searched for a long time, but it did not work. The cow did not return back, and everyone thought that the animal had died in the forest.

However, 8 months after the disappearance, video traps managed to capture the moment when, together with wild deer, a cow comes to a place where foresters feed wild animals. Apparently, it was thanks to her friendship with deer that the cow did not die in the harsh winter, she was able to survive and get food for herself.

At the sight of people, the cow, like all wild animals, was frightened and immediately ran away into the thicket of the forest.

One caring zookeeper, realizing that a domestic cow has no place in the forest, began to come to the feeding place at the same time every day and bring delicious food. After several months of daily ritual, Bonnie began to recognize the woman’s voice and ceased to be afraid of her.

So the cow was again in a warm barn. Bonnie’s new owners promised that they would take care of this special lady and never sell her for meat.

We wish you well and peace. See you soon!

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